Digital Marketing for Modern Healthcare

Hello, Doctor. We’re Altora Health.

When patients go online to find care, they find our clients first.

Who Are You?

Our clients are medical and health specialists. You’re experts at what you do, but that might not include digital marketing.

Business is good, but it isn’t growing like it could. You’re bringing in some new business online, but you haven’t gotten it quite right yet, and you don’t have the time to focus on marketing.

Sound Familiar? Let’s talk.

Meet Our Team

Your Digital Marketing Experts

Director, Digital Marketing
Director, Visual Content
Director, Technology & Analytics

We Will Help You Grow.

Stop waiting on referrals for new business. 

The best marketing is showing up when patients search online for care.

We’ll take a deep look at your current digital marketing efforts and share our specific ideas with you, before agreeing to work together.

Build Your Audience

Your ideal patients are out there, and we know how to reach them.

Keep Them Engaged

Patients may take time to decide on service providers. We keep them coming back.

Offer a Way Forward

We know how to showcase your expertise and give patients a clear next step.

Provide Expert Care

We know you have this part covered. We’ll make sure patients know too.

Website Optimization

Potential patients are looking at your website to judge the quality of your care. It may not seem fair, but it’s true.

We ensure visitors find your site attractive and easy to use, so they recognize your quality from the start.

Lead Generation

Odds are you’ve tried digital advertising before. Maybe paid someone with no industry experience to run it?

We use our knowledge of health marketing and a wide range of tactics to help you reach the right patients.

Lead Nurturing

When visitors come to your website, they won’t become patients that day. We help you build value over time through social media and email automation.

When they’re ready for care, they’ll think of you first.

Start a Conversation

Curious about how we might work together? Let’s chat.